Club Registration 2021

Player Information

Player 2 Information

Player 3 Information

Player 4 Information

Parent/Guardian Information

Insurance/Emergency Contact Information

Consent for Medical Treatment

I, the parent/guardian of the registrant, a minor, agree that I and the registrant, recognizing the possibility of physical injury associated with sports and in consideration for the Glenside Gaelic Club and its affiliates accepting the registrant for participation in its program and activities. I hereby release, discharge and/or otherwise indemnify the Glenside Gaelic Club, its affiliated organizations and sponsors, their employees and associated personnel, including the owner of fields and facilities utilized for the Programs against any claim by or on behalf of the registrant as a result of the registrant's participation in the programs and/or being transported d to or from the same, which transportation I hereby authorize.


I, the parent/legal guardian of the registrant, hereby give consent for emergency medical care prescribed by a duly licensed doctor or medicine or doctor of dentistry. The care may be given under whatever conditions are necessary to preserve life, limb or well-being.

Photo/Media Release

I, the parent/legal guardian of the registrant, a minor, grant the Glenside Gaelic Club and its affiliates and sponsors the right to use the registrant's name, picture and/or likeness in printed, broadcast and other material concerning the games and activities, provided such use is related to the registrant's status as a participant in the games and activities.

Cost/Payment Information

The registration fee is

Ages 4-6 $45 per registrant

Ages 7 and up $110 per registrant


Payment can then be made by any method mentioned below.


Payment via PayPal or Credit Card can be made by clicking the Registration Payment tab in the main menu.

Cash or Check payment will be collected on May 7th at our first practice.

Payment through Venmo can be made @GlensideGaelicClub. Please list the players your are registering in the Venmo comments.